Big P Productions Studio Tour



Kawai RX-2 Grand Piano, w/ customized action, hammers, and dampers.
Epek Xtreme Maple drum kit,
Gibson Country Western Acoustic Guitar
Takamine Acoustic,
Misc. other guitars,
“The Haynes Flute”

Electric Guitars:

Liquid Metal Model "T" Guitar
Gibson 335-S Firebrand Electric Guitar
Fender American Deluxe Telecaster
Custom Odyssey “Flying V” Electric Guitar
Rickenbacker 4001 Bass
Fender Jazz Bass
Aria ProII Bass
Fender Mustang Bass


Hammond XK-1 Organ
Virus TI Polar Synth
Minimoog Voyager Performer
ARP Odyssey
KORG Wavestation A/D
Yamaha WX7 Wind Controller w/ VL-70 Module
Yamaha SK30 Symphonic Ensemble
Yamaha S90 ES Synth
Yamaha P150 Digital Piano
Alesis Quadra Synth
Oberheim Matrix1000


Computers: MacPro Dual 2.8ghz QuadCore, Macbook Pro 2.6 ghz
Audio Interfaces: PCI 424e with 2 x MOTU 2048 Mark III, MOTU Traveler, Digidesign Mbox 2 Pro
Audio Clocking provided by Apogee Big Ben
Monitors: Genelec
MIDI Interfaces: MOTU MTP AV, MOTU Traveler.
Mixers: Yamaha 02R96 VCM with32 channel ADAT I/O, and 8 channels additional analogue outs. Yamaha O1V.
Outboard Preamps: Universal Audio LA-610 MkII, Focusrite ISA428(4 pres), SSL Xlogic (4 pres).Compressors: Neve 33609J Stereo Compressor/Limiter, 2 x EL8-X "Distressor" compressors, 2 x Chandler Germanium compressors, Universal Audio LA-610 MkII, EDEN Navigator Bass Preamp, Mesa Boogie Mark V guitar amp, Fender Deluxe guitar amp.
FX: Eventide H8000FW Ultraharmonizer, Lexicon PCM 70, Electrix “Warp Factory” vocoder, Korg KAOSS Pad, numerous guitar pedals, Roland VG-88 (Rev 2) Guitar System


Neuman U87, Neuman TLM 105, 2 x Advanced Audio CM 12 (, Advanced Audio CM 47, 2 x Advanced Audio CM 54, AKG D 112, 2 x Sure SM 57, 3 x SM 58, 3 x Sure PG 56, Sure PG52.


Sequencing, Audio Recording and editing: Digital Performer 7, ProToolsLE 8, Peak Pro, Barbabatch.
Video Editing: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere.
Graphics/Web Design: Adobe Creative Suite 4
Additional Software FX Plugins: Melodyne, Waves Mercury, UAD 2, Wave Arts Power Suite, Native Instruments Komplete 5, IK Multimedia Classic Studio Reverb,  PSP Xenon,Vintage Warmer, Old Timer and Nitro, and always more!

Virtual Instruments:

EWQLSO Gold PLAY, Ministry of Rock PLAY, Stormdrum 2 PLAY, GPO Orchestra, Plugsound Pro, Extreme FX,  Synth Anthology, Native Instruments Komplete 5, Trillian, SampleTank2.
Extensive Sample Libraries, world, ethnic, orchestral, choirs, sound FX etc