Big P Productions Audio Demos

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Here is a selection of short clips from various projects over the years, divided into categories. Licensing is available for all clips in the Sound For Images section (along with longer high resolution files). If you are looking for new original material, that's what we do best! Contact Us and let us know what we can create for you!

Sound for Images

Check out some of these clips in a visual context on the Video page! Send us your video file and see what we can do to compliment your imagery and help set the mood.

It is always exciting to hear how much a soundtrack can enhance a visual experience.



Rock-Pop Tracks

Here are a selection of clips were we have provided tracks for artist's more main stream (rock-pop) recording projects. Send us your sketches and let us bounce some musical ideas back at you!


Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence:
Arranged, performed, recorded and edited all tracks for this ten song CD.

Witches NightWitches Night:
Arranged, performed and recorded, piano, organ, synthesizers, flute, bass, electric and acoustic guitar, vocals


Never Tell a Pal

Rodney Graham: Never Tell a Pal a Hard Luck Story: (2006)
Provided string arrangements, piano, organ, synthesizer, and flute tracks.


Never Tell a Pal

Rodney Graham: Why Look for Good Times? (2007)   
Provided piano, organ, synthesizer, and backing vocal tracks.

Never Tell a Pal

Todd Fancey:Schmancy: (2007) 
Performed and recorded string arrangements, piano, synthesizers and guitar